Rain Barrel

What is a rain barrel?

A rain barrel is simply any container that you can collect rain water, typically from your roof downspouts. The benefits of a rain barrel are:

Rain Barrel Package - $189 Complete

We can install a 55 gallon rain barrel with a screened lid, overflow hose, spigot valve at the bottom, and concrete pad. We will cut and modify your downspout and install a flexible downspout adapter to direct water into your rain barrel. All downspout materials are white aluminum. Other colors and materials are available.

There are many other types, sizes, and styles of rain barrels available. Please contact us if you have an interest, and we can guide you through the options and choices.

Downspout diverter valves are also available at an additional cost.

We included written maintenance guidelines for every barrel installation. Additionally, we offer seasonal maintenance programs if you want us to maintain your barrel before and after the winter season.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to come out and show you how a rain barrel will fit with your house and landscape.

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